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2018.01 Welcome Ismo Olkkonen, Juho Kannala and Harry Santamaki to join VimAI !

Ismo is an experienced business manager and a passionate commercializer of new technologies. He has been a board member, advisor and investor in several startup companies. His experience from global companies like Telia, Ericsson and Tellabs is an asset for VimAI in international expansion. Ismo has also been the CEO and a management team member in several technology companies.  

Juho is currently an Assistant Professor and Academy Research Fellow at Aalto University, and Adjunct Professor at the University of Oulu. Before joining Aalto University, he was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oulu, where he obtained his doctoral degree in 2010. Juho's research is in the field of computer vision. His research interests cover topics from image-based 3D modelling to object detection and recognition. He has authored more than 60 peer reviewed scientific articles and his work on geometric camera calibration is widely utilised.

Harry has the soul of a product guy, hunting for new products, disruptive technologies and amazing business ideas. During his career, Harry has been running his own startups both in Helsinki and California. He has also been in top positions in larger tech companies like Nokia, in creation of new business opportunities in smart phone and digital services domains. During the last ten years he has devoted his time for venturing, seed investments and acceleration of companies like Zokem, Rapid Blue Solution, Cabforce, Happy-Or-Not, IndoorAtlas. Harry has degree of Master of Science (ee) from Technical University of Helsinki (Aalto). 

2017.12.08 VimAI Pikkujoulu 2017

VimAI team had the Pikkujoulu party in Helsinki.

2017.11.30 - 2017.12.01 VimAI @ SLUSH 2017

VimAI attended SLUSH 2017 and talked with many customers, collaborators and investors.